• Liam Stone

The following export stones are available in a variety of sizes for export:

White limestone stones in different sizes. Click to see more photos

  • Slab Stone

This type of stone is available in a thickness of 2 cm and a width of at least 160 cm and a length of more than 240 cm. Form a plan. Click to see more photos.

  • Antique Stone

Antique stone in 30 * 30 sizes ready for export. Click to see more photos.

  • Decorative and River Stones

These types of stones are available for export in different colors according to the customer’s order. Click to see more photos.

  • Granite-Travertine-Marble Stones …

Granite, travertine, limestone, marble, etc. sizes in 60 × 60 and 40 ۰ 60 dimensions are available and ready to be sent.

Click to see more photos.

Types of granite available: Natanz, Nehbandan, Mashhad pearl, Yazd red and …

Types of travertine available: chocolate travertine of Yazd, Kashan, red and yellow of Azarshahr, etc.

Types of marble available: Najafabad black, Lashtar, Khoy, Balkhari, Marshall, Dehbid, etc.